Help with Navigation Issues

"INACTIVE" Quiz or Tutorial button

If you skipped the Navigation lesson, you may not understand why a button shows as "Inactive." Here is the explanation.

Text overlapping in quizzes

Usually this issue is related to Zoom level on your display or, more likely, your text size settings. There can be a text size setting in BOTH your operating system and in your web browser. In my own experience, if I enlarge the text beyond normal (to help my eyes), this problem can occur. Keep text size to "normal."

Can't scroll in quizzes on mobile device

Some tablets don't scroll with your finger (inside the quiz frame) but the scroll bar is too small to access with your fat finger!! There is a scroll bar present on the right, but it is impossible to see. You can overcome this by tapping (vs. dragging) in the upper right or lower right edge where the vertical scroll bar should be, as shown here:

scroll on tablets.png

Video/Audio Playback Problems

My courses use the very latest HTML5 and do NOT use Flash for video. In recent years, the internet rules for automatically starting a video have been changing back and forth. There are a few SETTINGS on your device that can cause the videos not to start automatically.

  1. Make sure AUTOPLAY is ENABLED.

    • Usually, this is a SETTING in your browser.​

  2. If not in your browser, check SETTINGS on your device.

  3. iPhone 11 example: SETTINGS >> PHOTOS >> Auto-Play Videos and Live Photos

  4. A browser may start the video automatically, but not start the audio until you click on the video. This may look like a simple tap to the screen.

  5. Usually, you can "white list" a specific site, like this one, to allow Autoplay on a site by site basis. 

  6. On mobile devices, Safari now has setting "Request Desktop Site" that frequently will fix video playback issues occurring on mobile devices. See this on the latest version by holding down the refresh button on the URL address bar.

  7. Make sure JavaScript is ENABLED in your browser.