Playback Issues on Apple's Safari

Apple continues to introduce more incompatibility between it's operating systems, Safari and its various hardware devices. If you are using Apple's Safari to run my course and you experience trouble getting the tutorials or quizzes to run correctly, here are a few major things to check:


1. JavaScript needs to be enabled in Safari.

Go to Settings > Safari > Advanced > JavaScript and make sure it is enabled.


2. Autoplay Settings:

Nowadays, most Internet browsers have a setting to prevent multi-media content that contains audio from automatically playing without user permission. For my courses, you want Autoplay "ON."

For Apple products, this setting is different depending upon the IOS version and the hardware you are using. My research shows this:

For devices running MacOS

  • Safari on Mac

For mobile devices running IOS12 or earlier

  • Safari on iPad

  • Safari on iPhone


For mobile devices running IOS13 or later

  • Safari on iPad

  • Safari on iPhone