The main thing I want you to remember about the application process for any law enforcement position is to KEEP A MASTER COPY OF YOUR PERSONAL INFORMATION (your resume.) It is critical to be consistent throughout the hiring process, especially when you get to the polygraph which may be months after you first apply.


Furthermore, I recommend that you apply to multiple agencies - don't put all of your eggs in one basket. There are a limited number of openings for hundreds of applicants, so even if you are fully qualified, you may not get selected when you want to.


Since there are hundreds of police and sheriff departments across the United States, I can only provide some advice on how to locate openings. Once you decide to apply for a specific position, follow the directions on their web site very carefully.


Finally, I recommend that you keep a log of what agencies you apply to, and the date you submit your application and any contact info for follow-up. Keep yourself organized, as the whole process can take many months. Do not quit your current job during this process.


Sources to search on the internet include:

Simply enter keywords “police” or “sheriff” in the search box.

Simply enter keywords “police” or “sheriff” in the search box.



An excellent site for all law enforcement, firefighter and EMT jobs.


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How to Apply - Police and Sheriff Agencies