CPS HR Reasoning and Analytic Abilities

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Notes About this Topic

The CPS HR Entry Level Law Enforcement Test has a class of questions that they call Reasoning and Analytical Ability. There are many kinds of test questions found on police exams across the country that fall into these this category. The CPS HR exam uses only two styles that are presented in this module. They are known more commonly as (1) Visualization/Spatial Orientation and (2) Problem Solving or Problem Sensitivity.

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Test-taking Tips for Visualization questions: Flexibility of Closure, Selective Attention, Spatial Orientation and Non-verbal Reasoning


This ability involves determining where you are in relation to the location of some object or to tell where the object is in relation to you.


Tips and techniques for mastering Problem Solving and Problem Sensitivity Questions


Practice questions include using judgment, following directions and procedures, interpreting rules, problem sensitivity and arithmetic reasoning. (Not the same as Situational Judgment Tests (SJTs.)

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