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After you pass your written and physical exams, you will face a series of in-depth assessments to determine if you are well suited for law enforcement work. I cannot teach dishonest people how to pass the Polygraph or CVSA, but I can show honest people how to avoid falsely failing it. Same for the Psych Exam, the Oral Interview and the Background Investigation. Learn how to Master these critical final steps of the hiring process.

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Learn how to avoid falsely failing the Polygraph or CVSA when you are being honest. This course will teach you how the Polygraph and the CVSA are conducted. You will learn a relaxation technique that will minimize you chances for falsely failing. The course includes a simulated Polygraph session for you to get realistic practice.


Learn how to best answer questions on the Psych Exam for Law Enforcement positions.


Learn how to impress the panel at your critical Oral / Structured Interview.


Learn what's involved in the Background Investigation and how to ensure that it goes smoothly for you.

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